Click the link below to download our Summer of Kindness calendar! 
(Hard copies are also available on our Summer of Kindness Bulletin Board at Nativity)
~*~Nativity’s Summer of Kindness~*~
Kindness must be taught, modeled, and practiced!
This summer at Nativity we are asking our youth to participate in a summer of kindness challenge. We would like each person to complete 30 intentional acts of kindness this summer.
An act of kindness can be as simple as holding the door open for someone or smiling at every person you see that day. Children can donate toys that are no longer played with. You can make handmade cards for your neighbors or people on our prayer lists. Download our calendar in the upper right hand corner of this page to get more ideas! 
ADULTS! We must model kindness for our children. We want our children to live in a world where kindness is the expectation and the norm. Please join us in this challenge regardless of whether you are a parent or not.
Kindness is contagious! Please share acts of kindness by yourself or your children by posting on our bulletin board at church. (Not able to make it to church? Not local? Not a member? That’s okay!!! Comment on our facebook page or email so we can get it posted for you and spread the kindness! 
Let’s get that board overflowing with acts of kindness!
This summer we challenge everyone to complete at least thirty intentional acts of kindness throughout the summer. 
Please share with us what you have done!  Post on our facebook page, our bulletin board at church, or email
Questions?  Email